Corporate definitions & attributes

Part 1

Classes and Kinds of Corporations.
1. Per the supreme.
2. The model Business corporation act.
3. Judicial Supervision.
4. Mandamus.
5. Legislative Control.
6. Governing Law.

Part 2

Classes and Kinds of Corporations.
1. Aggregate or Sole .
2. Public or Private .
3. Quasi-Public .
4. Profit or Non-Profit .
5. Stock or Non-Stock .
6. Parent and Subsidiaries; Holding Companies.
7. Close Corporations.
8. Professional Service Corporations.
9. Thin and Collapsible Corporations.
10. "Special Situations" Corporation.

Part 3

Corporate Existence and Liabilities.
1. Corporation is a Legal Entity.
2. Capitalization.
3. Fraud, Illegality, Injustice and Like.
4. Corporate Device to Avoid Obligations or Responsibility.
5. President is an Alter Ego of the Corporation.
6. Incorporation of Partnership.
7. Parent Corporation in Respect to Subsidiary or Commonly Owned.
8. Corporation as Person or Citizen;

Part 4

Pre-Incorporation Activities, Promoters.
1. Pre-Incorporation Agreements.
2. Promoters.
3. Corporations Liabilities for Promoters.
4. Liability of Signers.

Part 5

Incorporation and Organization (Extra Table of Contents).
1.Power of Legislature.
2.Tax factors in choice of business form.
3.Planning Control of the Corporation.
4.Outline of steps in the Incorporation process, checklist.
5.Special acts under common law.
6.Corporate Purposes.
7.Articles of incorporation.
8.Corporate organization.
9.DeFacto Corporations.

Part 6

Corporate name, Seal, Domicile, and Place of Business.
1. Corporate name.
2. Seal.
3. Domicile, Residence, or Place of Business.

Part 7

1. The definition of bylaws.
2. Bylaw checklist.
3. Bylaw interpretation, clarity, operation and affect.
5. Power vested to amend.
6. Compliance with requirements, notice.
7. Violation and enforcement.
8. Waiver.

Part 8

Records and Reports, Filings.
1.  Records.

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